Below is an overview of the services and solutions Tygir Creams Ice Cream provides. At Tygir Creams Ice Cream, we have been serving the greater Edmonton since [1994 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the mobile ice cream vending industry.

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Vanilla Cone New 3

Vanilla Cone

Vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate coating, peanuts inside a crunchy sugar cone.


Mike's Cookies N' Cream Cup New 4

Cookies N Cream Cup

Get buried in an avalanche of Cookies & Vanilla Ice Cream!


Bombpop Lemonade Cup New 4

Lemonade Bomb Pop® Cup 125

Flavors of lemonade, limeade & strawberry lemonade in a cup.


Bombpop Original Cup New 4

Original Bomb Pop® Cup

Flavors of cherry, lime & blue raspberry in a cup.


Almond & Vanilla  Bar New 2

Almond & Vanilla Bar

French vanilla ice cream in milk chocolate with almonds


Chocolate Caramel Bar New 2

Chocolate Caramel Bar

Chocolate ice cream with a salty caramel ripple in milk chocolate with peanuts.


Fudge Bar New 2

Fudge Bar

This perfect chocolatey fudge bar has been a favourite for years.


Rainbow Creamy Twister New 2

Rainbow Twister

Vanilla ice cream with twists of lemon lime, cherry, and orange water ice.


Strawberry Shortcake New 2

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Strawberry flavored center in vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream rolled in cake pieces.


Vanilla Bar New 2

Vanilla Ice Cream Bar

Vanilla ice cream dipped in a chocolate coating, to bring back childhood memories.. 


Square Sandwich

Vanilla Sandwich

Creamy vanilla rice cream layered between two rich chocolate wafers.


Bubble Gum Bar New 2

Bubble Gum Bar

Bubble gumflavored pink & blue  swirled frozen treat.


Cotton Candy Bar New 2

Cotton Candy Bar

 Flavored cotton candy swirled frozen treat is great.


Lick a Colour Bar New 2

Lick A Color

This watermelon, cherry, apple and lemon flavored frozen pop has a sour kick!


Red White & Blue Bar New 2

Red White & Blue

This classic  has cherry, white lemon and blue raspberry flavours


Twisted Stack New 2

Stacked & Twisted

Blue raspberry, cherry, lemon-lime and orange stacked and twisted on each other.


Batman Face 3


Cherry flavored frozen confection shaped in the likeness of Batman with gumball eyes.


Teen Titans Go Beast Boy 3

Beast Boy

Sour Apple flavored frozen confection with gumball eyes.


Bubble Gum Snow Cone New 2

Bubble Gum snow Cone

Blue raspberry, banana and cherry flavored crushed ice with a bubble gumball.


Cherry Snow Cone New 2

 Sweet Cherry Snow Cone

Sweet Cherry flavored ice.

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